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Roadmap to Wellbeing: Healthy Workplace Initiative

We appreciate you visiting the resources page to learn more about the tools available to create a Culture of Wellbeing in your department!

We know these are unprecedented times, and want to aid in helping leaders create a thriving work environment. There are many factors that impact the employee experience; one of them, Wellbeing, has been studied extensively and is found to have a strong relationship with key metrics including retention, employee engagement, and joy in work. For example:

  • In a recent Surgeon Generals’ report, 84% of respondents said their workplace conditions had contributed to at least one mental health challenge
  • An article in Population Health Management found low well-being employees had approximately two more days of annual unscheduled absence, and more than doubled the likelihood of short-term disability
  • Employees with high well-being at baseline in one study had 30% fewer voluntary departures from the company

Roadmap to Wellbeing Initiative:

Many leaders may want to start improving workplace wellbeing and climate, but not know where to start. To assist, To Your Health! has created the Roadmap to Wellbeing initiative! This initiative has been
piloted in multiple departments in collaboration with senior leadership, and is available to any team

Key Tenets of the Roadmap to Wellbeing:

  • Understand associate needs and wants
  • Understand what matters to team members
  • Create a departmental level engagement committee
  • Create a long-term initiative guided by data
  • Re-assess impact

Tools and Resources:

Program tools and resources have been created that would be used in partnership with To Your Health! to begin this process. Please see them below to learn more about the program.

Wellbeing Network:

Once an engagement committee is created in partnership with To Your Health!, a representative would become the link back to To Your Health!, and join Montefiore’s Wellbeing Network.

How to get started?

Are you interested in starting your team on the Roadmap to Wellbeing? If so, reach out to Paulette Giambalvo, Director, Associate Wellness at [email protected]

Other resources for leaders:

Talent Management Wellness Module that can be assigned to associates: Associates Wellness Sampler (ONLINE 1306158)

Overview of To Your Health! Programs and Services: Visit mymontebenefits.com/to-your-health

Surgeon General October 2022 Framework for Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being

Overall Well-Being as a Predictor of Health Care, Productivity, and Retention Outcomes in a Large Employer - PMC (nih.gov)