Earning $100 is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3! in the A-HIP Associate Health Improvement Program* To Your HEALTH! Montefiore for a Healthy You Questions or issues? Please contact Consumer Support at 1.888.252.8150, or email [email protected]. After you have completed all 3 steps, watch your paycheck for your $100 reward! *The Associate Health Improvement Program may be discontinued at any time by Human Resources without prior notice. Program participants are eligible to earn a single $100 reward per calendar year for completing all 3 steps. Monetary rewards (i.e. gift cards and reward inclusion in paycheck) are considered income subject to federal, state and employment tax withholding, and reporting on Form W-2, unless a specific exemption applies. **Baseline labs cannot be older than six months from the submission date. Baseline and follow-up lab values must be submitted by November 30th to qualify. ***Associates whose baseline screening results all fall within the green ‘Optimal’ range are only eligible for one health screening per year. These participants can use the health and fitness coaching option to complete Step 3. 1 FIRST STEP Submit your baseline** health measures. Sign up for an on-site health screening on the US Wellness website at https://bit.ly/USwellness. Or download a form for your provider to fill out and upload it to the site after it has been completed. 2 SECOND STEP Complete a health or fitness coaching session. The coaches can help you achieve your health goals. Log in to toyourhealth.montefiore.org to schedule your free 30-minute session. 3 THIRD STEP There are two ways to complete Step 3. Either improve one health measure by moving a color zone closer to green in the chart below and submit a follow-up health measures form,*** or complete a second coaching session. LDL Blood Cholesterol in mg/dL SBP Systolic Blood Pressure A1C Diabetes Risk BMI Height/Weight Ratio OPTIMAL ELEVATED HIGH VERY HIGH LOW RANGES 17.5 18.5 34.9 35 & up 29.9 24.9 160 & up 159 129 160 & up 159 139 119 8 & up 7.9 6.4 5.6