Associate Health Improvement Program (Earn $100)

To Your Health! will be rewarding associates who make moves toward better health through the Associate Health Improvement Program.

In this program, eligible* Montefiore associates will be paid $100 for each verified improvement made towards healthier results in four different biometric areas, BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & A1c.  An associate that moves from the highest risk zone to healthy in all four biometric measures can earn up to $1100! 

Now, not only can you feel better and improve your overall health, you also get paid for all your hard work!

Upload your lab values by having a provider or Occupational Health Services fill out the US Wellness provider form.


  • An associate must have lab values outside the healthy range to participate and earn money
  • Baseline lab results cannot be older than six months from the submission date
  • Baseline & updated lab values can be submitted any time throughout the year
  • The US Wellness Provider Form MUST be stamped and signed by your provider
  • Verified values submitted will take 30 – 60 days for processing and will be uploaded to the Wellness Portal

Read all the rules of the Associate Health Improvement Program (A-HIP) HERE.