Parental And Lactation Resources

Montefiore recognizes that its most valued asset is a healthy, caring and committed workforce, and that in caring for others, we also need to care for ourselves.

Montefiore provides information and support to associates and employees of Einstein College who are parents or caregivers for children.


Every year, approximately 300 Montefiore associates give birth.  Montefiore provides accommodations to Associates who express milk during work hours.  Montefiore is aware of the positive health effects of breastfeeding on both mother and child.  Consistent with that knowledge and its goal of promoting a culture of health and wellness, Montefiore provides a lactation-friendly environment and supports Associates who continue to breastfeed and express milk after returning to work.  To support these Associates, Montefiore has made Lactation suites available to all associates.

 Breastfeeding can…

  • help babies fight viruses and bacteria by providing them with essential antibodies
  • lower the risk of obesity, diabetes and other diseases
  • allows you to bond closely with your baby
  • be the most cost effective

When a Montefiore Associate Goes Out on Leave (maternity, paternity, FMLA or NY PFL for childbirth) they will be mailed:

  • A baby friendly starter kit, including a Montefiore diaper bag
  • A manual breast pump
  • A book called “What to Expect: The First Year”

Requesting Access to Lactation Room

  • Associate fills out a Lactation Room Access Request Form and returns it to the To Your Health! Team.
  • Associates should submit the Lactation Room Access Request Form before their return to work to allow sufficient time for processing.
  • Access to the Associate Lactation Suite is granted according to the Montefiore Policy: Human Resources VII-21 – Workplace Lactation Policy, available on Montefiore's Workplace Postings Page.
  • Upon return, Associates are granted access to Lactation suite where she can express breast milk, refrigerate it, and then take it home at the end of the work day.  Each Lactation suite is equipped with a sink, a fridge and several chairs, separated by curtains.

*Lactation Suites are not equipped with breast pumps. Associates are required to bring their own pump. *

Interested associates please fill out Lactation Room Access Request Form.

For more information about Leave, associates may visit the Central Leave Administration office page on the Montefiore intranet, or contact Central Leave Administration office at 914.349.8528 or [email protected].

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected].

For employees of Einstein College, in addition to private offices which may be available within an employee's department,  dedicated private lactation rooms are also available at the following locations:

  • Belfer Building – Room 1205D
  • Forchheimer Building – Room G31N*
  • Kennedy Center – Room 937A**
  • Price Center – Room 120*

*To request access to lactation room, please contact security at 718.430.8035.

**To request access to lactation room, please call 718.430.3618 or 718.430.2413.


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