Creative Wellness Services

Creative Wellness services are now available to associates.  The Associate Wellness Program Manager, a licensed art therapist, is available for:

  • One-on-one consultations for stress management and reduction, mindfulness techniques, and techniques for personal and professional self-care
  • Departmental workshops for chair yoga, mandala making, sculpture, planning and mindful painting.
    • Mindfulness and Mandalas – a watercolor workshop that encourages mindfulness and relaxation
    • Mini Painting Mural Workshop – participants will work on small paintings that can be placed together for a larger mosaic affect. This is a great rapport building workshop
    • Self-Care Collage – a collage workshop that encourages self-reflection and self-care
    • Create Your Own Coloring Book – a drawing workshop that encourages creativity and problem solving. Participants will walk away with a unique coloring book that they can utilize independently.
    • Positive Affirmation Cards – a multimedia workshop that focuses on self-affirmation through engagement with mixed media.


Creative Wellness Flyer