Employee Assistance Program

Montefiore’s EAP is available 24/7 to help all non-1199 associates and employees of Einstein College and anyone in their household, whether or not they are covered under a health plan sponsored by Montefiore. The EAP is offered at no cost to you. Counseling and consultations are provided through an independent organization to assure that the help you receive is completely confidential.

The Montefiore EAP Program is provided by Carebridge. Carebridge provides referrals for up to five short-term counseling sessions – for emotional concerns such as grief, depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, and addictions – with a licensed clinician in your community or by phone. You also have unlimited access to Work-Life Specialists in the following fields:

  • Child Care/Parenting
  • Eldercare
  • Money Management
  • Education Planning
  • Convenience Services

You can call toll-free, 844.300.6072 or email [email protected]. You can also visit www.carebridgenow.com to find expert articles, resources, and unique tools addressing a large scope of EAP and Work-Life issues. Your website access code is C4NKN.

This EAP orientation video, provided by Carebridge, is an overview of the EAP Program. Click this link to view the video!


The Statewide Peer Assistance for Nurses program is a resource for all NYS licensed nurses coping with chemical dependency (alcoholism and/or drug addiction) problems. SPAN’s assistance is provided in the areas of identification, education and prevention. If you need help, call our confidential Helpline: 1-800-457-7261, email [email protected] or find more information here.

1199 SEIU Member Assistance Program

The Member Assistance Program has trained social workers, counselors and other professionals on staff who can get you the help you need for the problems that can put your health and your job in jeopardy. You can find find treatment for drug, alcohol or mental health issues, and referral to community or social service resources if you’re having problems with housing, domestic violence or legal issues.

The Member Assistance Program is provided through the 1199 Benefit Fund. For more information, call 646.473.6900.