Occupational Health Services/Smoking Cessation

Occupational Health Services offers the following services for Montefiore associates:

  • Administration of all worker's compensation claims
  • Annual assessments including tuberculosis and diabetes screening (A1c testing – fasting is not required)
  • Annual compliance with governmental regulations (NY State and OSHA)
  • Assessment for fitness for duty on employment or for cause
  • Emergency care for illness or injury while at work
  • Free influenza vaccinations
  • New York State and OSHA mandated Annual Assessments
  • OSHA required annual FIT-Testing
  • Pre-placement physicals
  • Traveling Compliance.

Occupational Health Services offers the following to employees of Einstein College:

  • Assist prospective employees with completing initial medical clearance process required for certain job positions within the university
  • Assist with completion of any necessary medical follow-up for employees post hire
  • Complete semi-annual/annual health assessments for employees in certain job positions based on the potential occupational exposures noted at the time of hire
  • Available to guide an employee through the process if an individual sustains an occupationally health-related injury/exposure

Work-related injuries/exposures should be reported immediately to CorVel at 1.800.683.6778.


Moses Wakefield Einstein Einstein College
57 East Gunhill Road
Tel#:  718.920.5406
Fax#:  718.920.2435
600 East 233rd Street, 5th Floor
Tel#:  718.920.9174
Fax#:  718.920.9069
1180 Morris Park Avenue, 1st Floor
Tel#:  347.498.2401
Fax#:  718.792.1076
1300 Morris Park Avenue, Block Building, Room 219H
Tel#:  718.430.3141
Fax#:  718.430.8827
Moses Wakefield Einstein

57 East Gunhill Road
Tel#:  718.920.5406
Fax#:  718.920.2435

600 East 233rd Street   5th Floor
Tel#:  718.920.9174
Fax#:  718.920.9069

1180 Morris Park Avenue   1st Floor
Tel#:  347.498.2401
Fax#:  718.792.1076



All associates are eligible to receive smoking cessation counseling and a free 2 week nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) kit through Montefiore outpatient pharmacies. Associates can return to Occupational Health Services for refills every 2 weeks, for up to 10 weeks for free.

For more information, stop by Occupational Health Services or email montebenefits@montefiore.org.

*Please Note: When obtained through Montefiore’s in-house pharmacies, no co-payments apply. When received at other retail pharmacies or through mail order, co-payments may apply.

Montefiore Be BOLD Program

The Montefiore Bold Living Program is an 8-week series to help associates and community members quit smoking. Email cancersupport@einsteinmed.org or call 718-430-2697 for more information or to register for an upcoming session series.

To Your Health! Wellness Portal

All associates who register on the To Your Health! Wellness Portal can take advantage of different Smoking Cessation Workshops and tools. Log on to the To Your Health! Wellness Portal to learn more.

Montefiore Primary Care Physicians

All Montefiore primary care physicians provide initial smoking cessation education and can prescribe smoking cessation nicotine replacement therapy as needed.

1199SEIU Member Assistance Program

The Member Assistance Program provides referrals to smoking cessation programs and resources for 1199SEIU members. Visit www.1199seiubenefits.org or call 646.473.6900 for more information.

Montefiore Health Care EAP

The EAP provides associates with Montefiore insurance coverage with the SmokeEnders seven-week course, designed to help identify smoking triggers and the ways to overcome them.

To contact a counselor, call 800.225.2527 or 800.252.4555 or visit www.MyHealthCareEAP.com.

New York State Smokers' Quitline

The New York State Smokers’ Quitline is a free and confidential service that provides effective stop smoking services to New Yorkers who want to stop smoking. The Quitline offers services including coaching in English and Spanish and Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

For more information visit: http://www.nysmokefree.com/SpecialPages/AboutUs.aspx or to access the Quitline call 866.NY.QUITS (866.697.8487).