Fitness Programs


Montefiore has partnered with fitness facilities around the tri-state area to bring membership discounts to all Montefiore associates and employees of Einstein College, including:

To see all the Montefiore associate discount rates, click HERE.


Physical fitness is important for wellness and wellbeing. In addition to fitness facilities, there are many free and low-cost virtual offerings available.  To view these resources, click here


Montefiore Mile

Grab a colleague and walk the Montefiore Mile during lunch, break or even after work. Monte-Mile signs can be found around the Einstein, Moses and Wakefield Campuses. Click HERE for Montefiore Mile Map.

If your campus doesn’t have a Monte Mile map way, don’t worry!                                                                                                                            

  • Walk 20 short New York City blocks**
  • Walk about 6 long blocks***
  • Walk about 2,000 steps (keep track with a pedometer, Fitbit or health app on your phone)

** "Short blocks" are along avenues, going roughly north-south, from one (numbered) street to the next.
*** "Long blocks” are along streets and typically avenues going east-west.