When Can I Change My Benefits Coverage?

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules permit you to change your benefit enrollment decisions when you experience a qualified life event, such as:

  • Marriage, Legal Separation, Divorce
  • Birth, Adoption, Legal Guardian, Death
  • Change in Employment Status and/or Benefits Eligibility
    (for you, your spouse or dependent)

To initiate a change in coverage due to a qualified event, you must notify Montefiore’s HR Benefits Office at 914.349.8531 or email montebenefits@montefiore.org  within 30 days of the change, otherwise you will have to wait until the next fall annual election period to modify your coverage and/or to add newly eligible family members.

After you log in to your account, Life Events explains how changes in your marital, family and employment status affect your benefits. See general and work-related suggestions and resources for ‘What to Think About and What to Do’ when you experience a Life Event.